CTC EcoPart 400

CTC EcoPart 400

A series of ultra-efficient, compact 6-17 kW heat pumps able to meet the heating requirements of houses or small industrial premises.

CTC EcoPart is a compact heat pump with same level of performance as CTC EcoHeat, but without control and water heating. Innovative technology makes the heat pump highly efficient and provides savings of up to 80%. CTC EcoPart can produce 65 °C water. This provides you with more bathwater and warmer radiators. Ideal for properties with high primary flow temperatures.

CTC EcoPart is flexible and is designed to be connected to new or existing systems. Ground, bedrock and lakes are used as heat sources. The brine system can easily be connected to the right, left, top or rear of the heat pump.

If your ceiling height is low and a normal heat pump is too tall, CTC EcoPart 406-412 and the CTC EcoZenith i255/i360L indoor module are ideal. The combined function of the products results in a complete heat pump with hot water and control.

If you have extra hot water requirements, you can connect CTC EcoPart to the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro multi-tank. It can supply more than 600 litres of 40 °C hot water, enough for 15 shower-loving teenagers.

If you would prefer to connect CTC EcoPart to your existing system, just add the CTC EcoLogic L/M control module. For particularly large energy requirements, up to ten heat pumps can be run together.

The stated efficiency of the heating system applies together with the control unit CTC EcoLogic. Ecodesign data scale: A+++ to G

CTC Connect+

A smartphone app that allows you to easily monitor and adjust settings on your heat pump and your heating system.

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