Eco-friendly and flexible – this is EnergyFlex

Eco-friendly and flexible – this is EnergyFlex


A heat pump from CTC is always supplied with a feature we call EnergyFlex, which allows customers to connect absolutely any heat source to their heat pumps. It does not cost anything extra as it is always included as standard. We describe the benefits in more detail in this blog post.

- Customers can connect and add to their heating system with virtually anything in terms of heating: solar heating, additional tanks, water-jacketed stoves, as well as boilers running on wood, electricity, pellets and gas. This is easily done and does not require any bulky system solutions, says Joachim Carlsson, Head of Technological Development at CTC/Enertech AB. 

Control everything from one place 

Joachim's advice is to start with a heat pump. Then you can connect and add to your heating system with virtually anything in terms of heating. 

- Everything is then controlled from one place via a colour touchscreen.

Some of the most important features include: 

  • Monitors all heat pump functions. 
  • Permits customised settings. 
  • Displays desired values such as temperatures, operation times, energy consumption, and error alerts in a simple and structured way. This simplifies settings and troubleshooting. 
  • Automatically recognises systems that are switched on. 
Stricter environmental requirements on the way 

EnergyFlex is the result of purposeful development work with eco-friendliness as a goal. We work constantly to develop even more eco-friendly products, particularly since the EU has announced that environmental requirements will become stricter in the next few years,” says Joachim. "Since we are a relatively small company, our development processes are simple and flexible. EnergyFlex is a good example of what can be achieved by purposeful development work with a focus on eco-friendliness.