CTC 380 S

The new CTC 380 S is a thoughtful, up-to-date solution for progressive heating.


The reliable but nevertheless futuristic technology of this boiler really corresponds to the present market demands.
All sizes in the serie of CTC 380 S are available as Compact-Unit, i.e. with adapted oil Unit- burner and adapted, extensional Comfort-control.
Classical familiar characteristics such as water- and flue gas connections both on the top and rear side of the boiler goes without saying.
The well-known turbulator concept as well as the large water content are maintained in a refined way.
Under the beatifully shaped casing hides a emission-minimizing and energyoptimizing piece of power.
The skin-tight heat insulation, the genuine 3-stroke flue gas system and the efficient DUO-Temperature System are some points which guarantees that.

*CTC oil and gas boilers, manufactured at Enertech AB production site in Sweden, are not tested and approved according to ecodesign (Directive 2009/125/EC) and can therefore not be marketed and/or installed in EU or EFTA countries.


  • 3-stroke flue gas system for firing with a minimum of emissions and energy losses
  • Water- and flue gas connections on the top as well as the rear side of the boiler
  • Efficient DUO-Temperature System for long-life operation
  • Well-tried carefully prepared turbulator concept to obtain high energy utilization and optimal operation conditions
  • Very maintenance-friendly – space-generous burner door and easily accessible combustion surfaces
Model Art. No.
CTC 380 - S/18 Ecoswiss581180001
CTC 380 - S/22 Ecoswiss581180002
CTC 380 - S/27 Ecoswiss581180003
CTC 380 - S/33 Ecoswiss581180004
CTC 380 - S/40 Ecoswiss581180005
CTC 380 - S/50581180016
CTC 380 - S/50 Ecoswiss581180006
CTC 380 - S/63581180017
CTC 380 - S/63 Ecoswiss581180007