CTC 380 IC

The CTC 380 IC is a high-tech development of the renowned 380 series. This heating boiler has a built-in oil burner and a logical, easy to use comfort panel.


The CTC 380 IC comes with condensation technology developed especially for CTC. The condensation system enhances efficiency to its maximum extent while reducing energy losses. The DUOPLUS-Temperature system protects the heating boiler, guaranteeing a long service life.
Thanks to its renowned turbulator technology and the 3-stroke flue gas system, this boiler is reliable, safe and efficient. The condensation system essentially means that all energy is utilised, and the extremely low temperature of the flue gases makes it possible to use cost-effective ducting in the flue lines.

*CTC oil and gas boilers, manufactured at Enertech AB production site in Sweden, are not tested and approved according to ecodesign (Directive 2009/125/EC) and can therefore not be marketed and/or installed in EU or EFTA countries.


  • Spiro-Condens System
  • Compact design
  • Very efficient 3-stroke flue gas system
  • DUOPLUS-Temperature system
  • Turbulator concept
  • Very low emissions
  • Flue gases at extremely low temperatures
Model Art. No.
CTC 380 IC - 17 M BF1582360011
CTC 380 IC - 17 Swiss582360001
CTC 380 IC - 19 M BF1582360012
CTC 380 IC - 19 Swiss582360002
CTC 380 IC - 24 M BF1582360013
CTC 380 IC - 24 Swiss582360003
CTC 380 IC - 29 M BF1582360014
CTC 380 IC - 29 Swiss582360004
CTC 380 IC - 35 M BF1582360015
CTC 380 IC - 35 Swiss582360005
CTC 380 IC - 43 M BF1582360016
CTC 380 IC - 43 Swiss582360006