Pellet boilers

The best thing about a pellet boiler from CTC is that you’re using renewable fuel. Pellet boilers do not contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect. A new, complete pellet boiler from CTC has an efficiency rating of more than 90%. This means that almost all of the energy used in the process in our pellet boilers is recycled to create heat energy for your home.

Pellet boiler to supplement your oil boiler

There are still houses in Sweden that are heated by oil boilers. Some people choose to replace their oil boiler completely. Others to install a pellet burner to operate with their existing boiler. That may be a step in the right direction, but bear in mind that the efficiency can be as low as 50-60%.

Whatever you prefer, a CTC installer can help you to find a solution that suits your house. Whether you choose a pellet boiler as a total solution or as a supplement, we have a way of delivering this.