CTC EcoZenith – All-in-one tank with built-in intelligence

Do you want the best for your home? Do you want a future-proof solution? All-inclusive? A solution that means you’ll never be without hot water? Then you should choose the CTC EcoZenith. The all-in-one tank with built-in intelligence.

CTC EcoZenith - All-in-one tank with built-in intelligence - also known as multi-tank

  • Unbeatable hot water capacity. More than 600 litres of 40°C hot water – enough for 15 showering teenagers.
  • No additional costs for control, extra solar tank or boiler.
  • Spacious – more than 500 litres – but unusually compact. Can be put into spaces with a normal ceiling height. Fits through standard doors.

According to the building regulations from the Swedish National Board of Housing (BBR), installation in a new building requires a control function to limit the electrical output. This is standard in the new CTC EcoZenith i550 BBR. Future-proof – connect and control now or in the future: • Heat pumps: ground source, air-to-water or both. • Firewood supplement: wood boiler or water-jacketed stove. • Solar panels. • Pool.

No ordinary insulation (90 mm moulded polyurethane). Minimises heat losses, resulting in lower energy costs. Controlling a heating system is about comfort, low energy consumption and safety. The built-in control: • Prioritises the most economical way of heating the house and the hot water. • Controls and monitors every part of the house. • Automatically senses how the heating system is put together and which heat sources are connected. Hot water that is totally free of Legionella. The hot water is never stationary, unlike a standard water heater where the temperature must be sufficiently high to kill Legionella bacteria.