Ground source heating, a reliable heat source

The temperature is stable in the bedrock. Solar power is stored in the groundwater and reused with the aid of a ground source heat pump. We drill down to 70-150 metres to access this energy resource. A so-called collector hose is installed in the water-filled hole. From there, circulating liquid retrieves heat from the rock for your ground source heat pump.

You can save up to 80% using ground source heating.

You can save up to 80% using ground source heating.

COP is a measure of the ground source heat pump’s efficiency – how much you save. From 1 kWh of electricity you obtain 4.6 kWh of heat energy, i.e. a heat factor (COP) of no less than 4.6. This high efficiency level means that you can save up to 80%!

More even heating offers more comfort

At CTC we’ve chosen our own technology that provides much more even heating without the temperature fluctuating up and down. Radiators and floors always maintain a precise temperature.

  • Reliable, stable heat source.
  • Also suitable for small plots of land.
  • Little impact on the land.
  • Not visible outside (heat pump indoors).
  • Can provide comfort cooling.
  • Easily combined with solar heating.