Control for CTC heat pumps

The CTC EcoLogic Pro is a unique control system that monitors and controls CTC’s heat pumps, solar panels, peak heating, buffer tank, pool, free cooling, etc.

Control and monitor

The CTC EcoLogic Pro can control and monitor up to ten heat pumps in operation. There are six different systems to choose from in order to be able to adapt to most boilers and water-borne radiator systems. The control fully automatically handles the connection and disconnection of the existing boiler, prioritises hot water production or heating, and can handle up to four heating circuits.

The CTC EcoLogic control unit.

Large, clear 4.3″ colour touchscreen. Swedish texts. Logical, intuitive with simple symbols. Depending on the version, you can connect and control up to ten heat pumps and for heating circuits (four primary flow temperatures/heat curves). Built-in output monitor, optional external peak, hot water prioritisation and built-in buzzer alarm. You can log operating data and update programmes via a USB. It can also be controlled via the Internet or text message (option) or connected to a remote computer (DUC).