Air-to-water heat pump – low investment cost

With a high-quality CTC EcoAir from CTC, you can use the heat in the air to reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Buy an air-to-water heat pump from CTC

Air heat pump or air-to-water heat pump? What’s the difference?

An air-to-water heat pump must in no way be compared with an air heat pump (also known as an air-to-air heat pump). An air heat pump only produced heat, while an air-to-water heat pump from CTC delivers both heating and hot water to the house. It draws energy from the outdoor air down to -22°C.

CTC air-to-water pumps are available for installation outdoors (CTC EcoAir), which is the most common option. All CTC heat pumps can also be installed to run together with other heating systems. Read more about choosing a heating system in our “Värmebok” (“Heating Book”). Contact your local CTC installer if you have any questions about your air heat pump or air-to-water pump.

Benefits of air-to-water heat pumps.

  • Low investment cost.
  • No drilling, no collector hose.
  • Simpler installation.
  • High efficiency.
  • Thanks to our unique EnergyFlex technology, you have full flexibility to add other energy sources, for example solar.