At CTC you can choose from a complete range. We have heat pumps to make use of the free energy that is found in the ground, in rock, in lakes, in groundwater and in the air. We are even pioneers in the field of solar heating for heat pumps. CTC has been heating Swedish homes since 1923. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that we have developed the industry.

Heat pumps

An efficient heat pump is the heart of your heating system – whether ground, lake, air or bedrock based. CTC offers a complete range of heat pumps for both houses and larger industrial properties.

Heating boilers from CTC

Heating boilers

Whether you want an energy-efficient electric boiler or one of the best wood boilers in the world, you’ll find them here. If you install a heat pump from CTC, EnergyFlex is included. The freedom to add other heat sources later on.

Tanks & heaters

If you want to supplement your heating boiler with an intelligent multi-tank, efficient accumulator tanks or stainless hot water heaters, you’ll find them here.