CTC EcoZenith i250 L/H

The flexible system tank with touchscreen and EnergyFlex.
CTC EcoZenith i250 L/H


The CTC EcoZenith i250 is an evolution of our CTC EcoEl workhorse, which is now more efficient and features a touchscreen.

The 4.3-inch touchscreen has clear symbols with Swedish text, which makes it easy to adjust the heating and hot water or to obtain information about operation.

Start with CTC EcoZenith i250, the flexible system tank with up to 15 kW power input and built-in heat pump control. Then complete with a CTC EcoPart 406-410 for rock, soil and lake heat or a CTC EcoAir 406-410 for air/water to get a complete heat pump installation.


  • Set up for supplementing with heat pump.
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen.
  • More hot water
  • EnergyFlex – total flexibility to connect other heat sources.
  • Available in two heights: 1,654/1,904 mm
  • Output up to 15 kW
  • Automatic shunt for nice, stable heating
  • Facility for monitoring and control via text message.
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