CTC EcoAir 510M

2–10 kW Variable Speed air-to-water heat pump
CTC EcoAir 510M


The CTC EcoAir 510M is a variable speed heat pump that adapts automatically to the building's output requirements during the year. Output will increase if required, otherwise the compressor speed will reduce and output will decrease.
The design is based on the tried and tested EcoAir 400 range, so it also has the same high-quality finish and good design. The focus of development was to retain the popular properties that characterise the other products in the EcoAir family. The result is a product with very high COP values and low sound levels. The product has been fitted with a new invertor driven compressor that adapts effectively to your own and your property's needs.
CTC EcoAir 510M has been optimised to make the best possible use of the environmentally friendly energy in the air. It converts the energy in the air into heat and hot water without the need for any boreholes or coils in the ground. The CTC EcoAir 510M has on-demand automatic defrost that provides more heat, more output and a longer service life. The CTC EcoAir 510M is of course fitted with a heated condensation water tray.
The CTC EcoAir 510M must always be installed with the flexible system tank CTC EcoZenith i250 for control and hot water. To simplify the adjustment of the heating and hot water, the CTC EcoZenith i250 has a colour touchscreen. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement with solar heat, have a water-jacketed stove provide warmth or connect a pool so you can also enjoy the warmth in summer. We call this Energyflex.


  • Savings of up to 80%
  • Energy class*
  • Most output when required
  • Optimal seasonal coefficient of performance 3.9 (SCOP)
  • Simple and cost-efficient installation 3×400 V
  • Inverter-controlled compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Built-in condensation water tray with on-demand heater
  • Provides heating down to -22°C and produces water up to 65°C
  • Using CTC Connect and CTC EcoZenith i250, it can be controlled using your phone.

* Energy class heating, in package with CTC EcoZenith i250

Energy efficiency class in package with integrated control
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