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CTC has passed many milestones You can read about the most important ones here.
If you want to read all of CTC’s exciting history, we have digitised the book entitled “Värmehistoria och Värmeteknik” (“Heating History and Heating Technology”):
CTC 1923 to 1948 – an amazing, nostalgic journey pdf

No history, no future


In spring 1923, three young engineers in Gothenburg start to manufacture heating products. The company’s name is CTC – the initials of the founders Celsius, Tellander and Clarin. The name was also linked subsequently to the Latin phrase “Cum Tentatione Corrigendi”, which means “ongoing improvement”. Even if the latter emerged with hindsight, after almost a century of development and improvement it can be confirmed that it is very apt.


CTC develops a heating boiler in which the water is heated by a battery. Production starts in Ljungby.


CTC starts to manufacture hot water heaters and boilers for wood and coal firing. The subsidiary CTC Wärmespeicher GmbH is founded in Germany – marking the real launch of export activities. During the 1930s, the name CTC became synonymous with modern heating in properties. “I’m going to see CTC,” said the father of the house in many families.


Various structural changes and partnerships with other companies enables CTC to start manufacturing washing machines under the Wascator name,


CTC launched the first combi boiler with double combustion chambers for oil and solid fuel.


A new production facility is opened in Ljungby. Research and development is moved there from head office in Gothenburg.


Electrolux acquires the washing machine business area. CTC remains Europe’s leading manufacturer of heating boilers and heating for single-family houses.


The current factory on Näsvägen in Ljungby is completed. Head office and all production facilities move into the new premises.


CTC launches the CTC Climatic (later renamed CTC Electronic), a climate-controlled electric boiler. A successful product, selling hundreds of thousands of units over the years.


Launch of CTC’s first oil-condensing boiler, type 381.


CTC launches exhaust air heat pumps for mechanically ventilated houses.


Saab-Scania buys CTC, which becomes part of the Enertech Group along with Saab-Scania’s other companies in the heating sector.


CTC launches air-to-water heat pumps in Sweden (CTC Rebell).


CTC and the other Enertech companies are acquired by the Trelleborg Group. CTC creates a sensation at Stockholm’s big heating fair with the CTC 1100 – a compact combination boiler for oil and electricity with a soldered flat plate heat exchanger, featuring trendsetting technology that will dominate the market for many years.


The UK group Wolseley PLC acquires the Enertech Group from Trelleborg.


The two associate companies CTC AB and Bentone AB become a legal entity.


CTC releases the new CTC EcoHeat heat pumps for ground source, soil and lake heating. Just over a year later, CTC launches a new generation of air-to-water heat pumps: CTC EcoAir.


The Enertech Group is sold to the UK group Enertech Ltd.


CTC launches packaged solar heating systems for direct connection to CTC heat pumps.


CTC releases new heat pumps for larger properties: CTC EcoAir 115, 120 and 125.


CTC launches a new generation of Sweden’s best-selling air-to-water heat pump: CTC EcoAir.


CTC launches a ground-breaking heating product: CTC EcoZenith 550, a new intelligent all-in-one tank. CTC launches several new bio products: the CTC V40 Lambda wood boiler and the CTC EcoFlex V and T pellet boilers.


CTC also leads the way when it comes to new digital channels. Two new applications for smartphones are launched: one for heat pump calculations and a troubleshooting application to help an installer methodically resolve faults and operational disruption. CTC launches updated versions of Sweden’s best-selling air-to-water heat pump, the CTC EcoAir.


CTC launches a totally new ground source heat pump, which beats all previous efficiency records with a COP of no less than 5.04. It also has a colour touchscreen and several other new properties and high performance. CTC launches a 3-year warranty on all of its products. CTC wins a European award. The Dutch Climatecno trade fair named the CTC EcoZenith 550 as the most innovative product of 2011.


CTC is 90 years old and launches, among other things, its new property range with new CTC EcoPart ground source heat pumps, EcoAir air-to-water heat pumps and the new CTC EcoLogic Pro control unit.

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